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Image China has a well established and very effective system for winning local politicians and molding public opinion in the US.  One method uses local Chinese residents through the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (China Council in short). The tasks and missions of the China Council overseas are clear; one is to blend into local high-level politics,” and the second is to “influence the mainstream society.”

The Chinese government makes a considerable effort to shape international perceptions of China through the extensive use of propaganda and the dissemination of selective information. The coordinated messages of the party and the government emphasize China’s economic growth and attractiveness as a destination for investment, the government’s stated desire for a peaceful international system, and China’s ‘‘stability’’ and‘‘harmony’’ under party leadership. The effort serves two goals: the continued survival and growth ininfluence of the Communist Party within China and the enhancement of China’s reputation and influenceabroad.

These articles examine the various means the Chinese Communist Party seeks to influence local as well as national politics, mold public opinion and gradually change the American perception of and engagement with China.

- Report on Chinese Communist Party Control of Overseas Chinese
- US-China Economic and  Security  Review Commission 2009 Report: China's External Progaganda and Influence Operations and the  Resulting Impacts on the United States

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