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Inform yourself, inform your elected officials.

Here are some websites that present information on China that will not be seen on mainstream media:

Epoch Times newspaper's center is in New York, but the network of local reporters throughout the world uncovers stories that are authentically local, yet also globally relevant. Our independence enables us to report widely and present a diversity of opinions. The special strength of the Epoch Times is thier coverage of China.

Image  NTDTV  website covers much of their satellite broadcast news and programming. All television stations inside China are either directly controlled by the communist regime, or must follow its directives in reporting on key issues. This has left a large information void. New Tang Dynasty Television fills this void, earning the trust of its viewers with original programming and factual, accurate news.

Chinascope is a media research entity that gathers, translates, and periodically analyzes Chinese-language media reporting and documents that are generally inaccessible to the West.

China Human Rights Defenders is a Hong Kong based group which publishes  Urgent Action press releases, weekly China Human Rights Briefings and in-depth Research Reports on the human rights situation in China.

 Human Rights China Bulletin is a weekly newsletter featuring a wrap-up of media coverage on human rights in China during the week. Mainstream media articles, special reports, dedicated human rights organizations are all represented in this free email publication.

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